New User Self Enrollment

At Ysleta ISD, our first priority is the safety and security of our students and their information. It is vital that we verify all new PowerParent users to ensure that no unauthorized access to your children's records occurs. Enroll your child or children to PowerParent by filling the required information below:

Ysleta ISD will grant PowerParent access to parents/guardians who are currently registered in our student information system. If you are not listed as a parent/guardian of one of our students, we suggest you first visit your child's school to have their records updated with your parent/guardian information.

Parent Information

Please enter your personal information. This information will be used to establish that you are your child's parent or legal guadian. All fields marked with a * are required.

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Child Information

Add the child or children that you would like access to. You may add multiple children at one time.

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Child Student ID: The Student ID can be found on your child's report card or by visiting your child's school.
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After you have entered your child's information, please click "Add Child".

Login Information

Please enter your email address and password. You will use your email address to login to the system.

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All users of the PowerParent system must agree to the following agreement: